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  1. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright
  2. a shaky motion
  3. case for holding arrows
  4. the act of vibrating
  5. shaking
  6. vibration
  1. shake with fast, tremulous movements
  2. move back and forth very rapidly
  3. move with or as if with a regular alternating motion
  4. shake
  5. vibrate

quiver Sentences in English

  1. तरकश  =  case
    A case for carrying arrows).

  2. झपक  =  movement
    The quiver of an eyelid.

  3. झुरझुरी  =  sound
    A quiver of excitement ran through the audience.

  4. कंपन
    The quiver of his fingers as he lit his pipe

  5. काँपना
    Her lip quivered and then she started to cry.

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