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  1. move faster
  2. make keen or more acute
  3. give life or energy to
  4. show signs of life
  5. give new life or energy to
  6. make faster; invigorate

quicken Sentences in English

  1. तेज़ करना  =  do
    He quickened his pace to catch up with them.

  2. प्रोत्साहित करना  =  encourage
    A play that quickened her interest in contemporary drama.

  3. तेज होना  =  fast
    A quicken pulse rate.

  4. जान डाल देना
    Give new life or energy to

  5. बढ़ा देना
    This is music that will make your pulse quicken.

  6. बढ़ जाना
    His interest quickened as he heard more about the plan.

  7. तेज़ होना
    She felt her heartbeat quicken as he approached.

  8. और तेज़ हो होना  =  intensify
    Her heartbeat quickened.

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