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  1. put up
  2. mount or put up
  3. construct, build, or erect
  4. put up with something or somebody unpleasant
  5. provide
  6. preserve in a can or tin
  7. provide housing for
  8. propose as a candidate for some honor
  9. accommodate guest
  10. build
  11. erect

put up Sentences in English

  1. व्यवस्था करना  =  arrange
    We can put you up for the night.

  2. बना करना  =  build
    Put up a tent.

  3. निर्माण करना  =  construct
    Put up a building.

  4. लगाना  =  fix
    Put up christmas poster.

  5. देना  =  give
    A local business man has put up the $5000 needed to save the club.

  6. बढाना  =  increase
    My landlord's threatening to put the rent up by $20 a week.

  7. उम्मीदवार होना  =  offer
    She is putting up for election to the committee.

  8. प्रदर्शन करना  =  perform
    The team put up a splendid performance.

  9. पेश करना  =  present
    The green party hopes to put up more candidates in the next election.

  10. प्रस्तुतएना  =  present
    Put up an argument.

  11. प्रस्ताव रखना  =  propose
    We want to put you up for club teasurer.

  12. उठाना  =  raise
    Put up a flag.

  13. आपूर्ति करना  =  supply
    They put up at a motel.

  14. सहना
    Somehow, she put up with him for two years, then left him for good.

  15. सहन करना
    Somehow, she put up with him for two years, then left him for good.

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