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  1. any area set aside for a particular purpose
  2. something owned
  3. any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone
  4. a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class
  5. a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished
  6. any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie
  7. possessions
  8. real estate
  9. characteristic
  10. feature

property Sentences in English

  1. सामग्री  =  belongings, thing
    Don`t touch those tools they are not your property

  2. रंगमंचीय सामग्री  =  play
    She was responsible for buying the properties for the play

  3. विशेशता  =  attribute
    Certain plants have medical property

  4. सम्पत्ति  =  goods
    The corporation is a satisfactory means for the common ownership of the property

  5. जायदाद  =  land
    He has a property in the west country

  6. अधिकार  =  right
    To have property in land

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