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  1. a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future
  2. grounds for feeling hopeful about the future
  3. one's word that something will be done
  4. hope
  5. possibility
  1. make a promise or commitment
  2. promise to undertake or give
  3. make a prediction about
  4. tell in advance
  5. give grounds for expectations
  6. give word that something will be done
  7. bring hope
  8. possibility

promise Sentences in English

  1. उदीयमान  =  success possibility
    A scholarship for young musicians

  2. लक्षण  =  good sign
    The stars show good promise

  3. प्रतिज्ञा  =  promise
    We received many promises of help

  4. वादा  =  statement
    I will marry you <h,0,0>; this is a promise

  5. वादा करना  =  human thing human
    He promised me his help

  6. वादा करना  =  human thing
    Politicians promise the earth before an election

  7. सम्भावना प्रकट करना  =  expect
    The new sales policy promises well

  8. वादा करना  =  thing
    The firm promised a wage increase

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