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  1. first in rank or degree
  2. used of the first or originating agent
  3. of superior grade
  4. of or relating to or being an integer that cannot be factored into other integers
  5. at the best stage
  1. a number that has no factor but itself and 1
  2. the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
  3. the second canonical hour
  4. about 6 a.m.
  5. the time of maturity when power and vigor are greatest
  6. best part of existence
  7. beginning; spring
  1. insert a primer into (a gun, mine, charge, etc.) preparatory to detonation or firing
  2. cover with a primer
  3. apply a primer to
  4. fill with priming liquid
  5. get ready; prepare

prime Sentences in English

  1. मुख्य  =  chief
    The prime cause of the trouble was bad management.

  2. उत्कृष्ट  =  excellent
    A prime site for development.

  3. महत्वपूर्ण  =  important
    Her prime motive was personal ambition.

  4. जवानी  =  young
    He is past his prime.

  5. तैयार करना  =  make ready
    Prime a fuse.

  6. अस्तर चढाना  =  paint
    To prepare wood,metal,etc for painting by covering it with a substance).

  7. सूचना पह्ँऊचाना  =  supply
    The witness had been primed by a lawyer.

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