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pretty Definitions and meaning in English

  1. pleasing by delicacy or grace
  2. not imposing
  3. (used ironically) unexpectedly bad
  4. attractive
  1. used as an intensifier (`jolly' is used informally in Britain)
  2. considerable; somewhat

pretty Sentences in English

  1. काफी  =  amount a lot of
    Renovating that house will cost you a pretty penny

  2. सलोना  =  boy
    A pretty boy

  3. प्यारा  =  cute
    What a pretty dress

  4. लावण्यवती  =  woman cute
    She looks very pretty in this dress

  5. बढिया  =  fine
    A pretty tune

  6. कूब  =  considerably
    My patience is pretty well exhausted

  7. काफी  =  very
    The situation seems pretty hopeless

  8. काफी  =  manner
    He walks pretty fast

  9. सजाना  =  thing
    Make pretty the room <h,0,0>; the guests are arriving

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