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  1. the state of being present
  2. current existence
  3. the immediate proximity of someone or something
  4. an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby
  5. the impression that something is present
  6. dignified manner or conduct
  7. the act of being present
  8. occupancy
  9. attendance
  10. appearance
  11. demeanor

presence Sentences in English

  1. चाल ढालअ  =  attitude
    He is a man of fine presence

  2. सामना  =  front
    The speaker had a good deal of stage presence

  3. उपस्थिति  =  group
    A massive police presence at the meeting

  4. छाया  =  spirit
    He felt a presence with him in the room

  5. मौजुदगी  =  human
    Your presence with your client is essential in this movement

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