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Aim, Apex, Appeal, Argument, Attraction, Attribute, Awn, Barb, Beak, Beam, Bespeak, Compass point, Breaker point, Charge, Channelize, Channelise, Betoken, Bit, Bill, Cape, Claw, Brink, Condition, Bottom line, Charm, Cogency, Burden, Case, Circumstance, Circumstantial, Constituent, Bring to bear, Cast, Degree, Detail, Dot, Full stop, Full point, Head, Gunpoint, Distributor point, Indicate, Direct, Guide, Count, Fleck, Flyspeck, Cusp, Dagger, Foreland, Headland, Date, Duration, Edge, Extent, Design, Effectiveness, End, Fascination, Core, Crux, Drift, Force, Gist, Heart, Idea, Import, Element, Facet, Feature, Face, Denote, Influence, Designate, Finger, Hint, Imply, Level, Item, Point in time, Peak, Spot, Period, Pointedness, Power point, Show, Orient, Maneuver, Manoeuvre, Signal, Luff, Place, Sharpen, Repoint, Iota, Mark, Minim, Mite, Mote, Notch, Particle, Scrap, Locality, Locus, Position, Site, Situation, Jag, Nib, Prick, Promontory, Prong, Snag, Spike, Spine, Spire, Instant, Juncture, Limit, Moment, Intent, Intention, Interest, Motive, Nitty-gritty, Nub, Nuts and bolts, Object, Objective, Punch, Purpose, Reason, Significance, Kicker, Marrow, Matter, Meat, Motif, Pith, Pointer, Proposition, Punch line, Question, Score, Instance, Material, Nicety, Part, Particular, Peculiarity, Property, Quality, Respect, Side, Lay, Look, Slant, Lead, Make, Name, Offer, Peg, Pin down, Put finger on, Signify, Stage, Tip, Stop, Steer, Target, Taper, Tittle, Trace, Station, Where, Spur, Sticker, Stiletto, Summit, Sword, Thorn, Tine, Tooth, Threshold, Time, Verge, Use, Usefulness, Utility, Validity, Validness, Stuff, Subject, Subject matter, Text, Theme, Thrust, Tip-off, Topic, Thing, Trait, Tally, Tend, Train, Turn, Zero in, Suggest, Tab, Tag

point Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a geometric element that has position but no extension
  2. the precise location of something 1
  3. a V-shaped mark at one end of an arrow pointer
  4. the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp point 2
  5. a distinguishing or individuating characteristic
  6. the gun muzzle's direction
  7. a wall socket 2
  8. a contact in the distributor
  9. as the rotor turns its projecting arm contacts distributor points and current flows to the spark plugs
  10. speck
  11. specific location
  12. sharp end
  13. top
  14. end of extension
  15. circumstance
  16. stage; limited time
  17. goal
  18. aim
  19. meaning
  20. essence
  21. aspect
  22. characteristic
  23. scoring unit of sport competition
  1. indicate a place, direction, person, or thing
  2. either spatially or figuratively
  3. be oriented
  4. direct into a position for use
  5. direct the course
  6. determine the direction of travelling
  7. be a signal for or a symptom of
  8. sail close to the wind
  9. mark (Hebrew words) with diacritics
  10. mark with diacritics
  11. mark (a psalm text) to indicate the points at which the music changes 1
  12. be positionable in a specified manner
  13. intend (something) to move towards a certain goal
  14. give a point to
  15. repair the joints of bricks
  16. direct
  17. lead
  18. show as probable; call attention

point Sentences in English

  1. जगह  =  body
    I have pain in this point of my hands.

  2. तथ्य  =  idea
    There is a good point in your say

  3. जगह  =  location
    Keep a chair at that point

  4. बिन्दु  =  location
    Destination point

  5. मुद्दा  =  logic
    Strong points in the argurement

  6. पॉइंट  =  measure
    3 points of oil

  7. उल्लेख  =  mention
    I am mentioning this incident on this point.

  8. अंक  =  price
    Price index increased by 5 point

  9. स्तर  =  status
    Highest point in the society

  10. बिन्दु  =  status
    Highest point in the society

  11. निर्देश करना  =  number
    The clock hands pointed to 12

  12. दिखाना  =  dog
    Point the dog towards the deer.

  13. तानना  =  gun
    Point a gun at bird

  14. संकेत होना  =  bespeak
    Her behavior points to a severe neurosis.

  15. लक्षण होना
    Her behavior points to a severe neurosis.

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