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  1. colorless watery fluid of blood and lymph containing no cells and in which erythrocytes and leukocytes and platelets are suspended
  2. a green slightly translucent variety of chalcedony used as a gemstone
  3. (physical chemistry) a fourth state of matter distinct from solid or liquid or gas and present in stars and fusion reactors

Plasma Sentences in English

  1. प्लाज़्मा  =  hot substance
    (a very hot gas found, for example, inside the sun and other stars; plasma is a good conductor of electricity and reacts to a magnetic field but otherwise has properties similar to those of a gas)

  2. प्लाज़्मा  =  mineral
    (a green variety of chalcedony used as a gemstone, in mosaics, and for other decorative purposes)

  3. प्लाज़्मा
    (the pale yellow liquid that forms 55% of human blood and contains the blood cells)

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