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  1. a dramatic or musical entertainment
  2. the act of performing
  3. of doing something successfully
  4. using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it
  5. the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment
  6. process or manner of functioning or operating
  7. any recognized accomplishment
  8. accomplishment
  9. acting
  10. depiction
  11. efficiency

performance Sentences in English

  1. उपलब्धि  =  achievent
    A great performance by indian team.

  2. पालन  =  action
    The performance of duty.

  3. प्रदर्शन  =  entertainment
    Attend the evening performance of swan lake.

  4. नाटक  =  play
    Brando's finest performance.

  5. अभिनय  =  public presentation
    Her performance won her great applause.

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