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  1. being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish
  2. without qualification
  3. used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers
  4. precisely accurate or exact
  5. flawless
  6. superlative
  7. whole
  8. intact
  9. accurate
  10. correct
  1. a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect)
  1. make perfect or complete
  2. polish; achieve

perfect Sentences in English

  1. पूरा  =  collection
    She got a perfect collection of dresses

  2. संपूर्ण  =  feeling
    A perfect happiness

  3. निर्दोष  =  human
    A perfect person

  4. पूरा  =  set
    An absolutely perfect set of teeth

  5. सही  =  skill
    She is perfect in her work

  6. पूर्ण  =  tense
    A present perfect tense

  7. सही  =  thing
    A perfect dress

  8. अचूक  =  correct
    A perfect copy

  9. सही  =  exact
    A perfect timing

  10. उतम  =  excellent
    She spoke perfect english

  11. आदर्श-योग्य  =  ideal
    A perfect score

  12. ठिक  =  suitable
    It was a perfect day for the picnic

  13. पूर्ण  =  grammar
    `I have eaten' is the persent prefect tense of the verb `eat'

  14. पूर्ण  =  absolute
    He has a perfect control over his servants

  15. पूर्ण  =  grammar
    The present perfect

  16. निरा  =  pure
    A perfect yellow

  17. संपूर्ण  =  state
    She is a perfect wife

  18. पूरा  =  unmitigated
    He made a perfect fool of himself

  19. निरा  =  utter
    A perfect stranger

  20. पूर्णकालिक  =  grammar
    'i have eaten' is the present perfect tense of the verb 'to eat', 'i had eaten' is the past perfect and 'i will have eaten' is the future perfect.

  21. निपुण बनाना  =  skill
    He practised hard to perfect his skill

  22. निपुण बनाना  =  human
    A violinist who spent years perfecting her techniques

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