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  1. (obstetrics) the number of live-born children a woman has delivered
  2. (mathematics) a relation between a pair of integers: if both integers are odd or both are even they have the same parity
  3. if one is odd and the other is even they have different parity
  4. (computer science) abit that is used in an error detection procedure in which a 0 or 1 is added to each group of bits so that it will have either an odd number of 1's or an even number of 1's
  5. e.g., if the parity is odd then any group of bits that arrives with an even number of 1's must contain an error
  6. (physics) parity is conserved in a universe in which the laws of physics are the same in a right-handed system of coordinates as in a left-handed system
  7. functional equality
  8. equality
  9. balance

parity Sentences in English

  1. बराबरी
    Prison officers are demanding pay parity with the police force.

  2. सममूल्यता
    To achieve parity with the dollar

  3. प्रसविता
    The parity of the mother must be considered.

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