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  1. a wrapped container
  2. the result of parcelling out or sharing
  3. an extended area of land
  4. a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
  5. container prepared to be sent
  6. group
  7. bunch
  8. piece of land
  9. part
  10. piece
  1. divide into parts
  2. cover with strips of canvas
  3. make into a wrapped container

parcel Sentences in English

  1. भूखंड  =  land
    They own a cottage and a small parcel of land.

  2. खण्ड  =  piece
    A parcel of land

  3. टुअक्ड़े-टुकड़े करना  =  divide
    He parcelled out the land into small portions.

  4. पार्सल करना  =  event
    Parcel the books immediately.

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