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  1. a ceremonial procession including people marching
  2. an extended (often showy) succession of persons or things
  3. a visible display
  1. walk ostentatiously
  2. march in a procession

Parade Sentences in English

  1. परेड  =  march
    a military parade.

  2. सार्वजनिक मैदान  =  place
    walk along anoth parade.

  3. जुलूस  =  procession
    a May day parade.

  4. प्रडर्शन  =  show
    a fashion parade.

  5. इकठ्ठा  =  gather
    Many arguments were paraded in favour of this policy.

  6. जुलूस निकालना  =  procession
    The demonstrators paraded through the city.

  7. दिखावा करना  =  show
    This man had been paraded as a hero of the people.

  8. दिखाना  =  show
    She never paraded her learning or experiance.

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