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  1. an electrical load that exceeds the available electrical power
  2. an excessive burden
  1. become overloaded
  2. fill to excess so that function is impaired
  3. place too much a load on

Overload Sentences in English

  1. विद्युत् अतिभार
    (an electrical load that exceeds the available electrical power)

  2. अतिभार
    In these days of technological change we all suffer from information overload.

  3. बहुत भार डालना  =  person system
    The lights went out because the system was overloaded.

  4. बहुत भार डालना
    He's overloaded with responsibilities.

  5. सीमा से अधिक सामान लाद दना
    Despite the manager's warnings, they overloaded the truck.

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