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  1. not in operation or operational
  2. below a satisfactory level
  3. (of events) no longer planned or scheduled
  4. in an unpalatable state
  5. not performing or scheduled for duties
  6. gone; remote
  7. inferior; spoiled
  1. from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete)
  2. at a distance in space or time
  3. no longer on or in contact or attached
  4. apart
  5. away

off Sentences in English

  1. रूखा  =  behaviour
    His behaviour was a little off.

  2. छुट्टी का  =  days
    Off days.

  3. उदास  =  mood
    His mood is off.

  4. मामुली  =  opportunity slight
    I don't think it was an off opprtunity.

  5. बंद  =  power supply stopped
    Fan is off.

  6. भंग  =  relation, broken
    The wedding is off.

  7. दूर  =  father
    The hostel is two more miles off.

  8. समाप्त  =  work
    The work is off now.

  9. अलग  =  apart
    This nut-bolt has come off the machine.

  10. रद्द  =  canceled
    Today's programme is off.

  11. ऑफ  =  cricket
    There are five players on the off side.

  12. बॉकी  =  remaining
    The game is only two days off and our top player has been injured.

  13. दाहिना  =  right
    Off wheel

  14. छूट  =  discount
    You'll get 50% off on all these products.

  15. से दूर  =  remotely, distance
    My house is 50 meters off the main street.

  16. से दूर  =  away from
    Keep off the grass.

  17. स्  =  person
    Ram borrewed 500rs. off his sister.

  18. से अलग  =  place
    Smoking is only allowed off the hospital premises.

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