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nowhere Definitions and meaning in English

  1. an insignificant place
  1. not anywhere
  2. in or at or to no place

nowhere Sentences in English

  1. कहीं नहीं  =  location
    I am going nowhere

  2. कहीं नहीं  =  manner
    This animal is found in australia no where else.

  3. किसी जगाह नहीं  =  manner
    We went nowhere last weekend

  4. कहीं नहीं  =  place
    Nowhere,i saw the effect of explosion

  5. कहीं नहीं  =  thing
    The missing pen was nowhere to be found

  6. सुदूर
    Situated in the middle of nowhere

  7. सुदूरवर्ती स्थान
    A cabin in the middle of nowhere

  8. मामूली-सी जगह
    He came out of nowhere.

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