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  1. the organ of smell and entrance to the respiratory tract
  2. a front that resembles a human nose (especially the front of an aircraft)
  3. the front or forward projection of a tool or weapon
  4. a small distance
  5. the sense of smell (especially in animals)
  6. a natural skill
  7. a projecting spout from which a fluid is discharged
  8. smelling organ of animate being
  1. search or inquire in a meddlesome way
  2. advance the forward part of with caution
  3. catch the scent of
  4. get wind of
  5. push or move with the nose
  6. rub noses
  7. defeat by a narrow margin
  8. detect
  9. search

nose Sentences in English

  1. नाक  =  body
    He has a cold in nose

  2. कुतूहल  =  curiosity
    Don't poke your nose

  3. सिरा  =  end
    Keep the nose up in landing

  4. अर्गभाग  =  front
    The nose of the rocket heated up on reentry

  5. अर्गभाग  =  part
    He ducked under the nose of the gun

  6. खुशबु  =  sense
    The hound has a good nose

  7. खोज शक्ति  =  skill
    He has a nose for good deals

  8. सुगंध  =  smell
    Fragence appealing to a nose

  9. हरा देना  =  defeat
    The other candidate has been nosed out in the finals returns

  10. नाक घुसेड़ना  =  meddle
    She lives vicariously. always noising in others people's lives

  11. आगे चलना  =  move
    The dog nosed its pup back into the yard

  12. सुगंध से पता लगाना  =  perceive thing
    The cheese that could be nosed at some distance

  13. खोज करना  =  police
    To have a nose for secretive dealing

  14. धक्का देना  =  push
    The boat nosed its way into the shore

  15. चुपके-चुपके तलाश करना  =  search
    This guy is always nosing around the office

  16. खौज करना  =  seek
    The dog nosed after their quarry

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