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nonsense Definitions and meaning in English

  1. having no intelligible meaning
  1. a message that seems to convey no meaning
  2. ornamental objects of no great value
  3. craziness
  4. ridiculousness

nonsense Sentences in English

  1. अनर्थक  =  absurd
    The utter nonsense of such a suggestion

  2. बेकार  =  state
    Nonsense syllabses

  3. निरर्थक  =  word
    The computer's producing absolute nonsense

  4. व्यर्थ की बात  =  action
    To have tolerated enough nonsense

  5. बकवास  =  matter
    It is all nonsense

  6. बकवास  =  poem
    It has nonsense in it

  7. निर्थक सिद्धान्त  =  theory
    It is complete nonsense

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