never meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of never

never Antonyms

never Definitions and meaning in English

  1. not ever
  2. at no time in the past or future
  3. not at all
  4. certainly not
  5. not in any circumstances
  6. not at any time

never Sentences in English

  1. कभी नहीं  =  ever
    He had never been abroad

  2. कभी नहीं  =  degree
    He was never the wiser for his experience

  3. कभी नहीं  =  not
    I waited for ages but he never turned up

  4. बिल्कुल नहीं  =  not at all
    Bringing up the childrens is never easy

  5. कभी नहीं  =  not ever
    I will never marry you!

  6. कभी नहीं  =  time
    She never comes to visit us

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