native meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of native

native Definitions and meaning in English

  1. being such by origin
  2. belonging to one by birth
  3. being or composed of people inhabiting a region from the beginning
  4. as found in nature in the elemental form
  5. normally existing at birth
  6. innate
  7. inherent
  8. domestic
  9. home
  1. a person who was born in a particular place
  2. an indigenous person
  3. person born in the country in which he/she dwells

native Sentences in English

  1. जन्म  =  place
    Iswa's native place is bangladesh.

  2. पैदाइशी  =  birth
    Hey never saw thier native land again.

  3. मूल  =  earlier
    He native art of peru.

  4. आदिवासी
    Native americans

  5. निवासी
    He is the native of india.

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