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  1. very unhappy
  2. full of misery
  3. deserving or inciting pity
  4. of the most contemptible kind
  5. of very poor quality or condition
  6. characterized by physical misery
  7. contemptibly small in amount
  8. unhappy
  9. depressed
  10. destitute
  11. shabby

miserable Sentences in English

  1. तुच्छ
    He left a miserable tip for the waiter.

  2. कम  =  amount
    Can hardly afford the rent on my miserable income.

  3. दुखी  =  unhappy
    Ou look miserable. what's up

  4. दयनीय
    Miserable victims of war

  5. निंदनीय
    Miserable errors of judgment

  6. तकलीफ़देह
    Spent a miserable night on the floor

  7. अत्यंत दुखी
    He felt depressed and miserable.

  8. अधम
    You miserable skunk!

  9. नीचतापूर्ण
    A miserable trick

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