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  1. that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings
  2. keep in mind
  3. intelligence
  4. memory
  5. inclination
  6. tendency; belief
  1. be bothered; care
  2. comply
  3. obey
  4. attend
  5. tend
  6. be careful
  7. remember

mind Sentences in English

  1. ध्यान  =  attention
    Don't pay him any mind

  2. विचार  =  feeling
    Have the right qualities of mind for the job

  3. दिल  =  heart
    My mind is not in my hands now

  4. राय  =  impression
    What is your mind about this thing

  5. बुद्धि  =  intellect
    He reads to improve his mind

  6. मत  =  opinion
    She change her mind

  7. स्मरण  =  remembrance
    It came to mind

  8. दिमाग
    His mind wandered.

  9. मस्तिष्क
    His mind wandered.

  10. चिन्ता करना  =  human, event
    Did she mind not getting the job

  11. ध्यान देना  =  human
    I don't mind him at all

  12. इरादा कर लेना  =  activity, intention
    I minded to do that

  13. देखना  =  vocative word
    Mind, do not spill the milk

  14. याद रखना  =  activity
    Mind your manners

  15. आपत्ति करना  =  human
    I don't mind him at all

  16. खबरदार रहना  =  order
    Mind the orders of your senior

  17. स्मरण रखना  =  thing
    Mind my words in your mind

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