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  1. lay out in a line
  2. get ready for a particular purpose or event
  3. bring forward and present to the mind
  4. provide a detailed plan or design
  5. spend money
  6. design
  7. plan

lay out Sentences in English

  1. नक्शा
    A lay out of the house

  2. खाका
    A lay out of the house

  3. बंदोबस्त करना  =  arrange
    Lay out a town/garden

  4. दफनाने के लिए तैयार करना  =  prepare dead body
    He was laid out gracefully by the family-members.

  5. पेश करना  =  present
    All the terms and conditions are laid out in this document.

  6. लगाना  =  spend
    I had to lay out a fortune on that car.

  7. लगाना  =  spread
    Jewellery laid out in the shop window.

  8. मार गिराना  =  strike
    He laid his opponent out in the fifth round.

  9. बुरी तरह से फटकारना
    She laid me out for breaking the vase.

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