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  1. a motorboat with an open deck or a half deck
  2. the act of propelling with force
  1. set up or found
  2. propel with force
  3. launch for the first time
  4. begin with vigor
  5. get going
  6. give impetus to
  7. smoothen the surface of
  8. send off
  9. begin
  10. initiate

launch Sentences in English

  1. बड़ी नौका
    A large motor boat

  2. प्रक्षेपण
    The successful launch of the ariane rocket

  3. प्रक्षेपित करना  =  event
    Aunch a rocket.

  4. प्रारंभ करना  =  start
    Aunch a compaign.

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