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  1. edge tool used as a cutting instrument
  2. has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle
  3. a weapon with a handle and blade with a sharp point
  4. any long thin projection that is transient
  5. cutting tool
  1. use a knife on
  2. stab with pointed tool

knife Sentences in English

  1. खुखरी  =  dagger
    I used to have kife while going to forest.

  2. नश्तर  =  scalpel
    Surgeon use knife in case of operation.

  3. अस्तुरा  =  saloon
    Barber use knife to shave beard.

  4. छुरी  =  cutlery
    I have a good knife-stand on my dining table.

  5. छुरी  =  kitchen knife
    Knife is used to cut the vegetablesin kitchen.

  6. शल्य क्रिया  =  operation
    The patient is still under the knife.

  7. कृपाणिका  =  sword
    He always keeps a knife for safety.

  8. चाकू  =  tool
    This knife is very expensive.

  9. घोंपना  =  event body
    He knifed the dagger into his stomach.

  10. चाकू भोंकना  =  event human
    He knifed his friend at trivial issues.

  11. चाकू मारना  =  event
    He was arrested for knifing two people.

  12. चाकू से काटना  =  thing
    Can you knife this apple into two parts.

  13. चीरते हुए निकलना  =  wave
    The ship knifed through the high wave.jj

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