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  1. having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature
  2. liberal
  3. conducive to comfort
  4. beneficial
  5. expressing sympathy
  6. characterized by mercy, and compassion
  7. agreeable
  8. helpful to other people
  9. tolerant and forgiving under provocation
  10. showing consideration and anticipation of needs
  11. generously responsive
  12. generous
  13. good
  1. a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality
  2. class
  3. species
  4. type
  5. character

kind Sentences in English

  1. दयालु  =  human
    Guru nanak was a kind saint.

  2. अच्छा  =  thought
    He always gives a kind thought.

  3. नम्र  =  gentle
    If you are extreme kind ,you will be in trouble.

  4. प्रकार  =  sort
    Are you in the same kind of trouble.

  5. प्रकार  =  kind
    What kind of fish you like.

  6. स्वभाव  =  nature
    They differ in size but not in kind.

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