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  1. the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made
  2. a set containing all and only the members of two or moregiven sets
  1. become part of
  2. cause to become joined or linked
  3. come into the company of
  4. make contact or come together
  5. be or become joined or united or linked
  6. unite
  7. affiliate with organization
  8. touch; border on

join Sentences in English

  1. जोड़  =  joint
    The pieces are so well glued togethe, so you can hardly see the join

  2. सेवाभार ग्रहण करना  =  ship
    After one month of holiday i will join the ship again

  3. सदस्य बनना  =  human, event
    Membership is free,join today.

  4. साथ देना  =  human human
    I will join you in this activity

  5. मिलना  =  human
    I will join you later

  6. मेल होना  =  river

  7. जुड़ा होना  =  adjoin
    His land joins mine

  8. नियुक्त होना  =  service, event
    He has joined hrd ministry as joint secretary.

  9. साथ चलना  =  accompany
    I am going to the theater tonight, could you care to join me

  10. जुड़ा होना  =  adjoin
    His land joins mine

  11. प्रवेश लेना  =  admit
    He has joined iit as a student.

  12. परस्पर सहयोग करना  =  colaborate
    Philips and busch joined together to capture the european market

  13. समझौता करना  =  compromise human
    If you cann't beat them,join them

  14. संयुक्त होना  =  connect
    The bogies are joined together.

  15. जोड़ना  =  connect
    He joined the two secetions of pipe

  16. बद्ध होना  =  form queue
    Join a queue.

  17. मिलना  =  meet
    I am joining you in a minute

  18. मिल जाना  =  merge
    Philips and busch joined together to form a new company

  19. भाग लेना  =  participate
    They all joined in singing the christmas carols.

  20. शामिल होना  =  participate
    Ask him to join us for dinner.

  21. शाथ देना  =  participate
    I am sure that you all join me in thanking today's speaker.

  22. जोड़ना  =  staple
    Join the papers with the staple

  23. भर्ती होना  =  institution
    Join the forces.

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