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  1. make an investment
  2. give qualities or abilities to
  3. furnish with power or authority
  4. give power or authority
  5. contribute money to make money

invest Sentences in English

  1. विभूषित करना  =  adorned
    Prince charles was invested as prince of wales in 1969.

  2. सजाना  =  decorate
    It was a match heavily invested with drama,courage and skill.

  3. प्रदान करना  =  give
    The government has been invested and full authority to act.

  4. निवेश करना  =  put money
    The government has invested heavily in oil exploration.

  5. देना  =  spend
    Invest a few hours a week in learning a new language.

  6. लगाना  =  use
    She's invested a lot of emotional energy in that business.

  7. पूंजी लगाना  =  business
    Now is a good time to invest.

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