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  1. make a break in
  2. destroy the peace or tranquility of
  3. interfere in someone else's activity
  4. terminate
  5. bother
  6. interfere

interrupt Sentences in English

  1. काटना  =  human thing
    He interrupted her word when she was speaking with her friend

  2. काटना  =  communication
    He suddenly interrupted my word when i was speaking with my friend

  3. अवरूध्द करना  =  break
    She interrupted her pregnancy

  4. ओझल करना  =  cover
    These new office buildings will interrupt our view of park

  5. क्रम भंग करना  =  discontinue
    We interrupted the programme for the following messages

  6. भंग करना  =  disrupt
    The calm of the afternoon was interruped by a loud bang

  7. तंग करना  =  disturb
    Don't interrupt me when i'm reading

  8. बीच में ही बंद कर देना  =  event
    Trade between the two countries was interruped by the war.

  9. रोकना  =  intercept
    He interruped her to come inside

  10. हस्तक्षेप करना  =  interfere
    I never interrupt between husband and wife in their affairs

  11. टोकना  =  interject
    He interrupted me on that remark

  12. बीच में ही बंद कर देना  =  stop
    He suddenly interruped the picture

  13. बीच में ही रोक देना  =  stop
    He interruped her speech

  14. रोक देना  =  thing
    He interrupted my speech

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