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  1. have in mind as a purpose
  2. design or destine
  3. mean or intend to express or convey
  4. denote or connote
  5. have in mind; determine

intend Sentences in English

  1. इरादा करना  =  human
    He has intended to go there

  2. चाहना  =  human
    We intend to go there

  3. इरादा करना  =  organization
    The company intend to make a new product

  4. अभिप्राय रखना  =  mean
    What exactly do you intend by the word

  5. नियत करना  =  designate
    She was intended to become the director

  6. नियत करना  =  destine
    A fund was intended for emergency use only

  7. चाहना  =  feel
    You never understand what i intend!

  8. इरादा करना  =  plan
    We have intended to go there on sunday

  9. चाहना  =  wish
    We intend to go there

  10. इरादा करना  =  action
    She intended to catch the early train,but he didn't get up in time

  11. लगाने की सोचना  =  human
    We intend our son for bar

  12. चाहना  =  matter
    We do not intend that they should know at this stage

  13. रखना  =  thing
    The chair was intended for you,but she took it away

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