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imperative Definitions and meaning in English

  1. requiring attention or action
  2. relating to verbs in the imperative mood
  3. necessary
  4. authoritative
  1. a mood that expresses an intention to influence the listener's behavior
  2. some duty that is essential and urgent

imperative Sentences in English

  1. आदेशात्मक
    An imperative tone

  2. अत्यावश्यक
    It is absolutely imperative that we finish by next week.

  3. आदेशसूचक  =  grammar
    An imperative sentence

  4. हुकूमताना
    An imperative tone

  5. अनिवार्यता
    The economic imperative of quality education for all

  6. आज्ञार्थक क्रिया  =  grammar
    'go away!' is an imperative.

  7. आज्ञार्थ  =  grammar
    In 'go away!' the verb is in the imperative.

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