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  1. very close or connected in space or time
  2. having no intervening medium
  3. immediately before or after as in a chain of cause and effect
  4. of the present time and place
  5. performed with little or no delay
  6. instantaneous; without delay
  7. near
  8. next

immediate Sentences in English

  1. सन्निहित  =  adjacent
    His immediate predecessor.

  2. मूल  =  basic
    The immediate cause of death is unknown.

  3. तात्कालिक  =  current
    Our immediate concern is for the families of those who died.

  4. निकटतम  =  impending
    What are your plans for the immediate future

  5. समीपवर्ती  =  lying nearby
    There's no post office in the immediate neighbourhood.

  6. करीब के  =  near
    She only told her immediate relatives.

  7. शिघ्र  =  quick
    Take immediate action.

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