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  1. not in good physical or mental health
  2. resulting in suffering or adversity
  3. distressing
  4. indicating hostility or enmity
  5. presaging ill-fortune
  6. sick
  7. bad
  8. evil
  1. an often persistent bodily disorder or disease
  2. a cause for complaining
  3. misfortune
  1. (`ill' is often used as a combining form) in a poor or improper or unsatisfactory manner
  2. not well
  3. unfavorably or with disapproval
  4. with difficulty or inconvenience
  5. scarcely or hardly

ill Sentences in English

  1. बीमार
    Her father is seriously ill.

  2. बुरा  =  well, state
    Ill manners

  3. ख़राब  =  health
    His health is ill

  4. बिमार  =  human
    She is ill, so she cann't come

  5. बुरा  =  thing
    It was the ill things

  6. ख़राब  =  bad
    It's an ill wind that blows no good

  7. अशुभ  =  evil
    He did ill unto his brother.ill befell him

  8. दोषपूर्ण  =  faulty
    Ill manners

  9. शत्रुतापूर्ण  =  hostile
    There is a lot of ill feeling about her being promoted

  10. घायल  =  hurt
    A week after the riots, two policemen were still seriously ill in hospital with gunshot wounds

  11. अशुभ  =  inauspicious
    Today is a ill day for usill fortune

  12. अधूरा  =  incomplete
    He was ill prepared

  13. अनिपुण  =  inexpert
    An ill example of scholarship

  14. बुरी तरह से  =  badly
    The child has been ill-treated

  15. मुश्किल से  =  hardly
    We can ill afford to buy a new car just now

  16. बुरी तरह से  =  manner
    He ill behaved with me

  17. निर्दयता से  =  manner
    The policeman ill-treated with public <h,0,0>;

  18. रूखाई से  =  unfavourably
    To speak ill of someone

  19. बीमारी  =  disease
    A serious ill of the liver

  20. समस्या  =  problem
    The social ills of unemployment and poverty

  21. विपत्ति  =  trouble
    He wanted to cure the ills of all mankind

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