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  1. not in action or at work
  2. without a basis in reason or fact
  3. not in active use
  4. silly or trivial
  5. lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility
  6. not yielding a return
  7. not having a job
  8. not used; out of action
  9. lazy
  10. worthless
  11. ineffective
  1. run disconnected or idle
  2. be idle
  3. exist in a changeless situation

idle Sentences in English

  1. व्यर्थ  =  futile
    It is idle to pretend that things are getting better.

  2. निष्क्रिय  =  inactive
    Researchers,however,have not been idle and have found new evidence to support the theory.

  3. आलसी  =  lazy
    An idle student.

  4. खाली  =  leisure
    We spent many idle hours just sitting in the sun.

  5. बेरोजगार  =  unemployed
    Many people were idle during the depression.

  6. निरर्थक  =  unnecessary
    Idle curiosity.

  7. बेकार  =  unused
    The factory machines lay idle during the worker's strike.

  8. खाली चलना  =  run, slowly
    The engine is idling.

  9. आलस्य करना  =  waste time
    Stop idling and help me clean up.

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