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  1. recognize as being
  2. consider (oneself) as similar to somebody else
  3. conceive of as united or associated
  4. identify as in botany or biology, for example
  5. consider to be equal or the same
  6. recognize; label

identify Sentences in English

  1. तादात्म्य स्थापित करना  =  compare
    I found it hard to identify with any of the characters in the book.

  2. समान समझना  =  equate
    One shouldn't identify wealth with happiness.

  3. पहचानना  =  recognise
    Can you identify your umbrella among these

  4. समझना  =  understand
    The risks are hard to identify.

  5. शिनाख्त करना  =  dead body
    The dead driver was identified as peter.

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