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  1. the content of cognition
  2. your intention
  3. what you intend to do
  4. (music) melodic subject of a musical composition
  5. something understood
  6. planned
  7. or

idea Sentences in English

  1. विचार  =  view
    He has an idea that we don't like him.

  2. कल्पना
    It is just an idea which may not happen ever.

  3. अंदाजा
    A rough idea how long it would take

  4. अनुमान
    A rough idea how long it would take

  5. उद्देश्य  =  intention
    She went shopping with the idea of buying some shoes, but bought some boots instead

  6. जानकारी  =  knowledge
    The report will give you some idea of the problems involved

  7. धारणा  =  model, thought
    Newton's idea of the world

  8. पहचान  =  recognition
    Have you any idea who she is

  9. सुझाव  =  suggestion
    Can you give me some ideas to solve these problems

  10. विचार  =  thinking, mental activity
    His ideas are very bad

  11. विचार  =  thought
    It was not a good idea

  12. कल्पना  =  literature
    Shelley's poetry is full of beautiful ideas

  13. संगीत-कल्पना  =  music, theme
    The accompanist picked up the idea and elaborated it

  14. मत  =  philosophy
    Gandhian idea will be unanimously acceptable for coming generation

  15. विचार  =  platonism
    Plato's idea is extremely phylophical

  16. विश्वास  =  belief
    I have an idea it's going to rain.

  17. विचार  =  concept
    I've got fairly good idea of what they want.

  18. अनुमान  =  estimate
    A rough idea how long it would take

  19. मत  =  feeling
    There is a considerable division of ideas over the issue

  20. धारणा  =  image
    What is your idea of the world

  21. धारणा  =  impression
    After going to nepal i got an idea about the lifestyle

  22. मत  =  opinion
    He has some very strange ideas.

  23. विचार  =  opinion
    His ideas are not like to anybody

  24. योजना  =  plan
    What a good idea!

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