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hang on Definitions and meaning in English

  1. continue
  2. endure

hang on Sentences in English

  1. करते रहना  =  continue
    Know you are tired, but try to hang on a bit longer.

  2. निर्भर करना  =  depend
    A lot hangs on this decision.

  3. जोर से पकड़ना  =  hold, tightly
    Hang on to that rope and don't let go.

  4. डटे रहना  =  hold on
    How much longer will their troops be able to hang on in that position.

  5. पकड़े रहना  =  keep hold of
    Hang on tight- we're off!

  6. पकड़े रहना  =  keep hold
    Ang on to the rail or you'll fall.

  7. रखना  =  keep
    I should hang on to those old photographs- they may be valuable.

  8. इंतजार करना  =  wait
    Hang on a minute- i'm not quite ready.

  9. पकड़े रहना  =  telephone
    The line was engaged and the operator asked if i'd like to hang on.

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