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  1. intuitive
  1. stomach and abdomen
  1. clean out
  2. strip

gut Sentences in English

  1. मन का
    A gut feeling

  2. आँत  =  guts
    I'll only cook fish if the guts have been removed.

  3. मन  =  guts
    I had a feeling in my guts that something was wrong.

  4. सार  =  guts
    The guts of the argument

  5. साहस  =  guts
    He doesn't have the guts to walk away from a well-paid job.

  6. तोंद
    A beer gut (= caused by drinking beer

  7. तहस-नहस कर देना
    The house was completely gutted.

  8. आँतें निकालना
    He gutted the fish before cooking it.

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