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  1. something that or someone who leads
  2. information
  3. instructions
  1. direct
  2. lead

guide Sentences in English

  1. नियामक  =  state
    Guide standard.

  2. मार्गदर्शक  =  leader, human
    The tour guide gave a running commentary from the front of the bus.

  3. सलाहकार  =  advisor
    His elder sister had been his guide, counsellor and friend.

  4. सूचना पुस्तक  =  book, subject
    A guide to french wines.

  5. मार्गदर्शण करना  =  event
    She guided us throughthe forest.

  6. मार्गदर्शन करना  =  human
    This book will guide you through the maze of regulations.

  7. संचालन करना  =  organization
    In crisis he guided the company to safety

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