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  1. protect
  2. watch
  1. protector
  2. defense

guard Sentences in English

  1. पहरा  =  activity
    Policemen were keeping guard outside the building.

  2. कवच  =  cloth
    The football players often wear shin guards

  3. बचाव  =  defense
    Keep up one's guard.

  4. कवच  =  implement
    Ensure the guard is in place before operating the machine.

  5. रक्षक  =  soldier
    A security guard.

  6. छुपाना  =  human emotion
    A jealously guarded secret.

  7. रक्षा करना  =  human human
    The soldiers are guarding the president

  8. पहरेदारी करना  =  human place
    The soldiers are guarding the palace

  9. नियंट्रण में रख्ना  =  human word
    You must guard your words.

  10. रक्षा करना  =  human
    Soldiers guarding the president.

  11. मोहरा बचाना  =  play
    Chess-to protectby plcacing a piece in supportive or defensive position relative to it

  12. रक्षा करना  =  protect
    Soldiers guarding the president.

  13. पर पहरा देना  =  watch
    The police officers guarding the prisoners.

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