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  1. number of individuals collectively
  1. bring together
  2. classify
  3. sort

group Sentences in English

  1. ग्रूप  =  state
    Group activity

  2. झुंड  =  animal
    A large group of elephants was coming towards us.

  3. ग्रुप  =  atom
    Two or more atoms specifically arranged,as the hydroxyl group-oh

  4. ंअंडली  =  circles
    She has a large group of friends

  5. ग्रुप  =  company
    The group sales director.

  6. ग्रुप  =  goods
    After arranging the trunks according to size bring here the first group

  7. ग्रुप  =  organization
    A small group of congressmen compaiging for tougher anti-pollution laws

  8. संचय  =  portrait
    A group of portrait

  9. मंडली  =  set
    A pop group/the drama group

  10. ग्रूप  =  set
    A news-paper group/the group sales director/a pop group

  11. दर्जा  =  type
    Which group of goods/materials do you want

  12. ग्रुप  =  type
    Which blood group do you belong to

  13. संघ  =  union
    A trade group

  14. टोली
    Group of children

  15. इकट्ठा करना  =  human
    The teachers grouped the pupils together

  16. वर्गीकरण करना  =  classify
    We can group animals into several types

  17. इकट्ठा होना  =  event
    The police grouped round the demonstrators.

  18. समूह बनाना  =  form
    Group together in fours!

  19. इकट्ठा होना  =  gather
    The children grouped round the piano

  20. इकट्ठा करना  =  organize-dissolve
    The teacher grouped the pupils together.

  21. वर्गीकरण करना  =  animal
    We can group animals into several types

  22. इकट्ठा करना  =  human
    The teachers grouped the pupils together

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