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  1. earth
  2. land
  1. base
  2. set; educate
  3. restrict; drop in place

ground Sentences in English

  1. आधार  =  job
    Ground work

  2. भू  =  thing
    Ground plan

  3. घर्षित  =  state
    Ground flat.

  4. भू  =  state
    Ground plan

  5. विषय  =  topic
    Careful, you are treading on delicate ground

  6. क्षेत्र  =  area
    Let's not go over the same ground again.

  7. तर्क  =  argument
    He held his ground in the face of close questioning/despite being pushed,he stood his ground

  8. आधार  =  basis
    On what grounds do you make that accusation

  9. तल  =  bottom
    The ship touched ground a few yards from the shore.

  10. ज़मीन  =  field
    Sit on the ground.

  11. मैदान  =  garden
    The house has extnensive grounds

  12. भूमि  =  land
    Buy up some ground for building on.

  13. मैदान  =  land, activity
    The building has extensive grounds

  14. ज़मीन  =  place
    Sit on the ground.

  15. मैदान  =  playground
    Cricket ground.

  16. कारण  =  reason
    You have no grounds for complaint

  17. ज़मीन  =  surface
    Sit on the ground.

  18. पृष्ठभूमि  =  painting
    A design of pink roses on a white ground

  19. हाता  =  transport
    A large area of sea used for the specified purpose:fishing ground

  20. उतारना  =  airplane
    All aircraft at london airport were grounded by fog today.

  21. फँस जाना  =  ship
    Our ship grounded in shallow water.

  22. सज़ा देना  =  punish
    My father grounded me for coming in late

  23. पुर्ण शिक्षा देना  =  teach
    I was well grounded to the stundents in mathematics at school

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