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  1. hold tightly
  2. entrance
  3. enchant
  1. clasp
  2. embrace
  3. perception
  4. understanding

grip Sentences in English

  1. मजबुत पकड़  =  action
    Take a grip on the rope.

  2. थैला  =  bag
    A leather grip.

  3. पकड़  =  control
    A ruler with a powerful grip on the people

  4. मूठ  =  handle
    A tool with a metal grip.

  5. पकड़  =  hold
    I released my grip and he ran away.

  6. चपेट  =  influence
    People in the grip of disease.

  7. समझ  =  understanding
    I could not get a grip on what was going on.

  8. कब्जे में लेना  =  capture
    Terror has gripped the city for days.

  9. पकड़ रखना  =  command
    I was completely griped by the play from the start to finish.

  10. नियन्ट्रण ख्ना  =  control
    The breaks failed to grip and the car ran into a wall.

  11. कसकर पकड़ना  =  hold
    A child griped her mother's hand tightly.

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