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  1. tedious job
  1. crush
  2. pulverize
  3. sharpen
  4. oppress

grind Sentences in English

  1. किताबी कीड़ा  =  swot
    A person who spends too much time studying

  2. चक्की
    The daily grind of family life

  3. घर्षण
    The harsh noise made by machines

  4. सान चढ़ाना
    A special stone for grinding knives

  5. हत्था घुमाना
    To grind a pepper mill

  6. रगड़ देना
    He ground his cigarette into the ashtray.

  7. रगड़ना
    Parts of the machine were grinding together noisily.

  8. पीसना
    The animal has teeth that grind its food into a pulp.

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