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  1. very large
  2. important
  3. celebrated
  4. excellent
  5. skillful

great Sentences in English

  1. असाधारण  =  ability
    He has a great ability.

  2. बहुत अधिक  =  distance
    He lives a great distance away

  3. बहुत  =  pain
    I have a great pain in the back.

  4. बहुत  =  quantity
    They sent the goods in great quantity to bombay.

  5. बड़ा  =  scale
    Balance the rice on the great scale.

  6. बड़ा  =  big
    The great ship sank below the waves.

  7. बहुत अधिकआ  =  considerable
    Of great value/importance./he described it in great detail.

  8. महान  =  excellent
    A great man/artist/musician.

  9. महान  =  famous
    He is a great man.

  10. अच्छा  =  fine
    In great form/shape.

  11. महवपूर्ण  =  important
    Great developments in the prevention of disease.

  12. बहुत बड़ा  =  king
    A great merchant

  13. सर्वोत्कृष्ट  =  king
    A great plant or fruit

  14. सर्वोत्तम  =  king
    A great plant or fruit

  15. मुख्य  =  major
    It' was great problem of the society.

  16. अच्छा  =  quality
    We're great friends.

  17. शानदार  =  splendid
    The governor was getting married,and everyone was in town for the great occasion.

  18. महान  =  status
    Alexander the great.

  19. बहुत  =  very
    She has four great big sons.

  20. बहुत उपयुक्त  =  very suitable
    These are great shoes for muddy weather.

  21. बहुत बढिया  =  wonderful
    He scored a great goal/what a great party!.

  22. उत्साही
    A great sports fan

  23. सरगर्म
    A great sports fan

  24. महान व्यक्ति  =  human
    One of boxing's all-time greats.

  25. बड़े लोग  =  wealthy people
    A fashionable affair attendd by the great and the good.

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