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grand Definitions and meaning in English

  1. impressive
  2. great
  3. most important

grand Sentences in English

  1. बड़ा  =  activity
    It's grand activity.

  2. बड़ा  =  event
    That was a grand party

  3. शानदार  =  event
    That was a grand party

  4. अभिमानी  =  human, haughty
    She loves to play the grand lady.

  5. उच्च  =  idea
    Grand ideas for bettering the human conditions

  6. शानदार  =  plan
    A grand plan.

  7. सर्वोच्च  =  title
    The grand vizier.

  8. बड़ा  =  music, state
    Grand musical instrument

  9. भव्य  =  ambitious
    A grand plan.

  10. बड़ा  =  big
    It's not very grand house, just a small bungalow.

  11. आनन्ददायक  =  delightful
    We're having a grand time.

  12. बहुत अच्छा  =  excellent
    It's grand weather.

  13. भव्य  =  large
    Grand building.

  14. शानदार  =  splendid
    A grand occassion.

  15. ग्रैन्ड  =  dollar, money
    It'll cost you 50 grand!

  16. एक हजार पौंड  =  money, pound
    It'll cost you 50 grand!

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