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  1. transplant
  2. payoff for fraud
  1. transplant
  2. splice

graft Sentences in English

  1. निरोपण  =  process
    A skin graft

  2. रिश्वत
    He promised an end to graft and corruption in public life.

  3. कलम
    A healthy shoot should form a strong graft.

  4. निरोपण
    A skin graft

  5. कठोर परिश्रम
    Their success was the result of years of hard graft.

  6. कलम लगाना  =  do
    To cut a piece from a living plant and attach it to another plant

  7. निरोपण करना  =  do
    Newly grafted tissue

  8. कठोर परिश्रम करना  =  do
    She's been grafting all day.

  9. जोड़ना
    Old values are being grafted onto a new social class.

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