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  1. rank
  2. step
  3. incline
  4. slope
  1. evaluate
  2. rank

grade Sentences in English

  1. कक्षा  =  class
    Children start school in the first grade.

  2. ढलान  =  gradient
    A hill with a grade of 1 in 4 or 25%

  3. श्रेणी  =  mark
    She got good grades in her exams.

  4. ग्रेड  =  standard
    A person's salary grade.

  5. किस्म  =  type
    The lowest grade of agriculture land

  6. श्रेणी
    All the materials used were of the highest grade.

  7. कक्षा
    Sam is in second grade. / (in the us school system - one of the levels in a school with children of similar age

  8. कोटि
    High grade fever

  9. दरजा
    Grade 6 piano

  10. पद
    She's still only on a secretarial grade.

  11. दर्जा
    A moderate grade of intelligence

  12. क्षेणीबद्ध करना  =  arrange
    Eggs are graded from small to extra large.

  13. वर्गीकृत करना  =  categorise
    The potatos are graded by according to size.

  14. बनाना  =  make land
    The trees were planted in the newly graded bank.

  15. अंकित करना  =  mark
    The term paper have been graded.

  16. क्षेणी देना  =  rank
    A student who gets 90% is graded a.

  17. श्रेणीकरण करना
    I spent all weekend grading papers.

  18. वर्गीकरण करना
    The containers are graded according to size.

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